Fear of water

I have noticed many people fear water. This is totally normal when taking into consideration the natural habitat of the human species is land. However, let’s not forget life on our planet Earth has initially emerged in water. That is why I believe deep inside our genes we have this connection with water as our natural living environment. And we all know the human organism in its greater part consists of water. It might be for this reason that I feel completely naturally in water environment and swimming is normal for me. It brings me joy and peace of mind.

However, it is not the case for many people who are afraid to go inside water. There are examples of phobia when someone fears even getting wet around a swimming pool.

From my experience I can distinguish the following

Common reasons to fear water:

    • Instinctive fear, caused by our instinct of self-preservation. We all have it weaved in our genes. From my training practice this is the easiest fear to overcome.
    • Unpleasant experience in water. Imagine kids playing next to a swimming pool and, just to make fun of each other, they push other kids in the water without a warning. Such a nasty event happening before the kid has learned how to swim, may cause a serious obstacle for their desire to learn.
    • Aqua phobia may be “unlocked” if the child has witnessed a water incident affecting another person, including a family member.
    • There are also other reasons but these are the most common ones.


How I help to overcome fear of water

Fear of water is hard to overcome, but not impossible. The most powerful way to do so is build trust between me, the swimming instructor, and my student.

At the beginning of my training career my colleagues noticed my students cope quickly and comfortably with overcoming fear of depths and water. This gave me a direction in which to focus my skills as a swimming instructor. Little by little my fellow instructors started delegating to me more complicated cases related to instinctive fear of deep waters, or fear caused by water incidents close to drowning. I am now specialized in working with students suffering from fear of water and depths.

I have a student who experienced a water incident in the sea as a child. For years she hadn’t allowed herself going in water deeper than shoulder level. But, as the time had passed, she realized the immense benefits of swimming and she took the decision to overcome the unpleasant memories from her childhood. At the beginning of our swimming sessions she was struggling even with entering the pool. I have an individual approach towards each student so I would very carefully adapt my instructions to her condition. I gradually built trust in her, and within a few lessons she finally dared to dip her head in the water. She gradually started adopting the right techniques how to breathe and move in water. I needed several months of water training with special attitude to help her overcome her fear of water completely. Thanks to my personalized approach, she now swims easily and comfortably in all styles three times a week.

If one doesn’t fear water or depths, they would learn swimming even faster during the training sessions with me.


Страх от водата и дълбокото

I have specialized training to overcome fear of deep water

If you, your child, or a relative have a fear of water but you are still willing to learn how to swim, call me now at +359 886 27 29 28, Svetlomir Vidulov, to find out how I can help you enjoy the pleasant feeling of effortless swimming in the water.